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Streamline risk management and compliance with AI in the GRC sector.

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Identify potential risks and issues in real time. Research people of interest. Uncover the true meaning behind data. To discuss the implementation of AI and machine learning in the GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) sector:

Prevention is the smartest approach.

Respond to new and emerging problems. Employ AI to anticipate, prepare, and manage risk better in today’s ever-changing communication environment. Keep large amounts of data and process specific repetitive and burdensome risk management tasks.

The fast-growing demand for a real-time registry and KYC and AML data solutions triggers the supply of new semi or fully automated Risk and Compliance products developed by Identrics.

Our solutions can be put towards:

  • Anti-money laundering and security efforts
  • Building and maintaining sanction lists
  • Identification and verification of special interest persons
  • Identification of cyber events and threats
  • Entities involved in illicit activities
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Assessing attitudes towards campaign messages
  • Analysing criticism or support for a company, executive or official
  • Detecting radicalisation and extremism on social media
  • Predicting market movements or election outcomes
  • Preparing for potential crises

Don’t sacrifice quality for speed of delivery of your Risk & Compliance products and services.

1 Build a more comprehensive and broad source catalogue.

Our solutions can optimise the content gathering, using different strategies and technologies for monitoring and data collection in multiple languages. We can help you increase your content harvesting capacity and drive down content extraction costs while simplifying downstream operations.

2 Reduce time of data availability from days to hours.

Save costs and improve productivity with automation of the processes of reviewing large volumes of sources to identify risk events and data points of interest, such as adverse activities, judicial and law enforcement events, mentions of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and changes thereof, mentions and changes of PEP, etc.

3 Tailor all technologies, automation and artificial intelligence to fit your specific business needs.

Most predefined models only promise results. In contrast, Identrics has deep domain-specific operational expertise and we design turnkey solutions without compromising quality.

Increase the agility in your business with the help of AI and machine learning.

Entity Extraction

Structure large amounts of unstructured data. Whether you need to find names, companies, brands, locations, or any other thing, our entity extraction can help you. You can then use the structured information for further analysis and investigation.

Sentiment Analysis

Swiftly analyse news, customer reviews, survey responses, or even social media conversations to determine the public perception about a product, service, or brand. The AI identifies the tonality and classifieds it as positive, neutral, or negative.

Topic Engagement

Quickly uncover headline-worthy topics. Through document collection and topic modelling, you get a list of documents each with the number of comments, shares, and reactions.

Share of Voice (SOV)

Uncover all brand mentions. Focus only on relevant coverage and track predefined keywords. Keep track of brands, competitors, or people vital to your organisation. Enrich the data with our automated sentiment analysis for greater precision.

Automated Reports

Get an automated quantitative and qualitative analysis of the data you want to gain knowledge from without spending hours reading.

Custom Data Science

Get the support of an in-house data analytics team without hiring, training, and building one. Benefit from meaningful data and actionable insights with the help of our DSaaS services.

Entity extraction – a case study

The challenge:
Identify Special Interest Persons (SIP) involved in specific criminal activity
from a large set of news articles.

The solution:
We created a custom, context-based entity extraction model that not only recognises SIP within articles, as per the original client request but mines and systematises the contextual information about SIP and their crimes – including their industry, related persons and organisations, the monetary value of the crime and stage of any ensuing legal proceedings. In doing so, we drastically reduced the volume of manual article filtering and basic data entry tasks for in-house analysts. This project won us a Stevie award.

Sentiment analysis – a case study

Our sister company, A Data Pro

The challenge:
Collecting adverse media coverage about politically exposed persons (PEP)

The solution:
We applied sentiment analysis to media articles relating to politically exposed persons, identifying pieces that expressed a negative opinion and indicated unfavourable public attitudes towards PEPs. This helped broaden and enrich our client’s risk and compliance database with minimal human effort.

Understand your business through data.