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Our solutions support publishers effectively present content and increase engagement. Through better market and audience understanding we discover emerging trends in the media, track sentiment, and train models to identify hate speech and fake news. To discuss implementation of AI and ML in the publishing sector:

You get to stay ahead of your competitors with engaging content.

In the age of social media and easily available free content, news outlets and publishers need to be a step ahead of current events and the latest trends to stay relevant and produce engaging content.

We work with news outlets and publishers to help them better tailor their editorial output to their audiences and ensure their content is ordered, easily accessible, relevant and reliable, thus increasing readers’ quality time-on-site and helping boost ad sales.

Our goal is to help the publishing industry improve efficiency, relevance, reliability and support their fact-checking efforts, identifying patterns and trends to facilitate research, giving suggestions for future content or interlinking related content, and indexing archives.

Our solutions can be put towards:

  • Fact-checking efforts
  • Identifying patterns and trends to facilitate research
  • Giving suggestions for future content
  • Interlinking related content
  • Indexing archives
  • Scoping public opinion to expand editorial
  • Informing analytical and predictive pieces
  • Keeping abreast of the latest trends to produce engaging content
  • Boosting programmatic advertising
  • Targeted engagement with readers and commentators

Supercharged quality content to boost engagement.

1 Ensure your content is organized and easily accessible.

As a media outlet generating a tonne of content is part of the business. Ensure that your organisation stays on top of content and data ordering, relevancy and accessibility.

2 Tailor and scale editorial output.

Ensure relevant editorial output, expand your editorial product range, boost ad sales and maintain quality and relevance in the process.

3 Boost ad sales.

Relevant and reliable content improves quality time-on-site, which in turn boosts ad sales.

Custom and adaptable models that help you improve your products and expand your offering.

Abstractive Summarisation

Our abstractive summarisation model is tuned to understand and describe the core idea of a news article or the essence of business, economic, crime or political events. The technology that we use can be applied to different domains too by simply inputting sample data. The process is optimised by a fact-checking algorithm as a step before delivering the final summary to the client.

Sentiment Analysis

It is also called opinion mining or emotion AI, which tells you how people feel about a certain topic, be it a person, brand, product or stock, as communicated independently of potentially misleading survey questions. Our multilingual sentiment analysis solution helps you understand attitudes expressed in-text to inform your decisions.

Topic Engagement

It shows the leading topics from different sources of news articles for the day. Clients can quickly decide whether to invest additional resources in a given topic, according to the readers’ interactions with them. Document collection is clustered into groups with a similar topic which is described by a set of keywords. Each document is annotated with a quantity of Facebook comments, shares and reactions (engagement), so that engagement can be easily assigned to a particular topic. Topic modelling, a key part of the whole analysis, is based on a statistical approach and is language-agnostic.

Share of Voice (SOV)

Our Share of Voice can show you every single mention of your brand. We focus only on the relevant coverage of the predefined keywords, so you can monitor not only your brand but conduct competitor analysis or gain any kind of information you need. This solution can be additionally enriched with automated sentiment analysis for greater precision.

Automated Reports

Our automated reports save you time and effort. This solution provides you with an automated quantitative and qualitative analysis of the data you want to gain knowledge from.

Customisable Data Science

With our customisation and DSaaS offering, we don’t just provide a solution – we provide an entire technological ecosystem. Lead by the belief that everyone should have access to meaningful data, our customisation and DSaaS services offer analytics and consulting, giving you our resources, technologies and data scientists. Our goal is to provide companies and organisations without internal resources for AI and analytics a custom-built and complete data science package.

Aligning a 10-year archive of 400,000 articles and 4,000 company profiles

SeeNews, a leading business news and intelligence provider for Southeast Europe.

The challenge:
Aligning a 10-year archive of 400,000 articles and 4,000 company profiles.

The solution:
We extracted the names of companies and executives from articles, reports and company profiles and interlinked them. We additionally applied an industry taxonomy, allowing for articles to be classified and automatically tagged according to their industry category, as well as clustered and linked to similar documents. These solutions made for seamless access to comprehensive information about a given topic, company, or individual featured on

Finding out, in near real-time, what news topics readers and social media users engage with most and how.

Economedia, a leading publishing group in Bulgaria.  


The challenge:
Finding out, in near real-time, what news topics readers and social media users engage with most and how  


The solution:  

In collaboration with A Data Pro, we scraped metadata, including native views and comments, from 500,000 articles, as well from Facebook and Twitter, extracting 10-word topical clusters grouped by topic, geography, author. Sentiment analysis was applied to comments to gouge out public opinion. In doing so, we helped the editorial team decide which topics to allocate additional resources to, as well as to pivot coverage around public attitudes.

Understand your business through data.