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Big Data Delivery Platform


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Big data is a stepping stone for all our services and we now make it available via Kaspian - our Big data delivery platform. You can use Kaspian to power up your analytics software, media intelligence platforms, and gain insights for your newsletters and reports.

What is Kaspian?

Kaspian gives you access to a vast media data lake and the tools to navigate it into meaningful data streams.

We use Big data to train models and then enrich it to extract more value and connect knowledge.

We scaled to a global online data monitoring operation aggregating data from news sites, blogs, forums, company news, government websites and regulators.

Our Big data lake encompasses over 130 000 websites and we index over 1.5 million documents per day.

Kaspian gives you:

  • A quick and easy setup process
  • Full article access
  • Global monitoring

Our Process

1. Data Layer

Create data streams through search strings, source metadata and article enrichments to quickly get relevant data.

2. Enrichment Layers

Pick and choose how to enrich your data layer with Document Topics, Named Entities, Document Sentiment, Entity Sentiment, Document Summary, Facebook Engagement.

3. Provision

Manage your data streams and receive the content  via APIor sFTP.

See our big data delivery platform in action.