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Unlock the Power of Multilingual and Language-specific Language Models with Kaspian's Data

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Grow Your Language Models with Customised Data

Train your Language Models with quality data

Kaspian is an Identrics product that offers the data you need to unlock the power of language models for your business. Our data streams are trusted by many of the world’s leading companies and are built from archives dating back to 2013. With Kaspian, you can quickly and easily access the data you need to train your language models with quality data that meets the highest standards.

We provide domain-specific subsets that can be used to build language models that are adapted to particular industries and domains.

Kaspian’s data serves as an excellent foundation for developing both multilingual and language-specific models.

  • Archives dating back to 2013
  • Quick and easy access to data
  • High quality
  • Domain-specific subsets

Whether you are looking to create a language model for conversational AI, content generation and augmentation, or information retrieval and analysis, Kaspian can provide you with the quality data you need to start with. 

Access the Content You Need Automatically

Kaspian provides data streams that allow you to quickly and easily filter content based on different criteria. All the filtering is done automatically so that you can quickly access the data you need to train your language models.

Further refine your data streams using a variety of filters to ensure you get the most relevant and superior data. Some of the filters Kaspian offers include the following:

  • Topic filter. Focus the data on selected number of topics or fields of study;
  • Industry filter. Filter the data by industry or sector;
  • Search string filter. Look for specific keywords or phrases within the data;
  • Named entity recognition (NER) filter. Extract data that contains specific individuals, organisations, locations, etc.;
  • Sentiment analysis. Evaluate the data’s mood and create models that are more neutral;
  • Hate Speech filter. Detect and mitigate hate speech and other harmful content.

Guarantee Accurate and Ethical Language Models

Even though free and open-source data sources can be helpful, it’s important to realise that they frequently lack the necessary screening to guarantee accurate and morally sound data. These sources may exhibit biases, include potentially sensitive language, or contain inaccuracies, which could raise concerns about potential harm.

Build a solid foundation for your language models using Kaspian’s high-quality data to ensure their accuracy and effectiveness. 


Train your language models with quality data.