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Technology / Topic Modeling

Improve data analysis and supercharge decision making with topic modelling.

Enhance your products, analyse huge pools of data in real-time, and keep track of what people think about your brand.

Don’t search for a needle in a haystack. Employ topic modelling to find exactly what you’re looking for no matter how big the data.

1 Provide all the texts that you need to be analysed.

Whether you need to sift through thousands of reviews or analyse online social media chatter about your brand, all we need is the data.

2 Choose the approach you want to take.

You can go with unsupervised topic modelling which requires no training, or you can train the model to spot patterns of interest which is our “supervised” approach.

3 Words get counted. Patters get spotted.

The topic modelling technology works by counting all the words at first and analysing the content for any repetitive patterns. You’ll also get a report of the most often used words.

Data analysis does not have to break the bank or take ages.

Get the true understanding behind large amounts of data with the help of topic modelling. Use machine learning to your advantage to quickly scan pools of text and pinpoint key patterns. Stop wasting time on reading unimportant information and focus only on the decision-making data.

Truly understand what people think about your product, brand, or organisation.

Going through all the data generated by your business is time-consuming, expensive, and it rarely provides your team with an unbiased understanding of what people think and feel about your products, services, or organisation as a whole. With topic modelling, you get the best of both worlds — unbiased understanding of information, quick turnaround time.

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