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Understand how people feel about your brand, content or product with Text Sentiment Analysis.

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Great brands stay on top because they understand how customers feel about them through opinion mining and artificial intelligence.

Based on your needs we can work together to additionally train our models.

We use Positive, Negative, and Neutral.
Based on your needs we can work together to additionally train our models.

Employ artificial intelligence to better understand how the world feels about your brand.

Our award-winning artificial intelligence sentiment analysis allows organizations and companies to better understand how customers perceive topics, people, brands, products, or stocks.

This allows for an unbiased and in-depth understanding of research or surveys in multiple languages to inform your decisions.

Benefit from sentiment analysis with our award-winning human-in-the-loop model.

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Our services are available and a whole suite of different languages spanning over 11 different tongues and cultures.

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Bulgarian
  • Italian
  • Chinese /traditional/
  • Portuguese
  • Russian 
  • Swedish
  • Dutch


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We allow media companies to focus their editorial efforts and creative power on stories that are likely to go viral. 

Media outlets need to be a few steps ahead of current events and the latest trends in order to live in the present and produce tomorrow’s engaging content. Our sentiment analysis cuts through the noise and helps define the topics that people deeply care about. 

You’re a publisher? Or you run a news outlet? Cool. We’ll work with you to help you tailor your editorial output to your audience.

In politics, public opinion is sometimes everything. 

We work with governments, the public sector and political entities to help them evaluate public opinion before, during and after key events. Like elections, adoption of legislation, political and economic courses, ambiguous decisions and negotiations, crucial international visits, coalition formations, and even resignations. 

Our sentiment analysis will bring value by measuring public sentiment towards:

  • Campaign messages
  • Policy changes
  • Analysing criticism and support for a party a leader or public official 
  • Predicting election results
  • Forecasting political unrest

And this is not all. We are also able to automatically detect radicalisation and extremism in social media. And we are ready to do it for you.

Public opinion rules the world of money and digits. Distinguishing the exact impression and emotion that financial news and commentaries cause is a powerful way to extract industry insights and market trends. 

Financiers make better predictions on market movements, financial outcomes and fluctuations and equip themselves better for upcoming crises if they are aware of the true opinions of: 

  • Industry leaders
  • Financial commentators and experts
  • Social influencers
  • The general public

Whether you are a trading company or a financial service provider, we can guide you through all the opinions that matter in making informed decisions.

Get better than your competitors. Use data correctly.