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Sort news from facts, analyses from opinions, and never miss relevant information.

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Our taxonomy classification services help you better understand information related to any topic, organisation, or entity.

Taxonomy Classification is a funky business. Here’s how we make it more human.

1 We predefine topic taxonomy.

This allows us to classify hundreds of thousands of documents through machine learning.

2 Our API collects information from numerous sources.

This helps us enrich the information pool, achieving a holistic understanding of the topic at hand.

3 You get a comprehensive overview of your subject.

Whether it’s news, a brand, topic, or entity you receive precise information on time, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition.

Ensure your content stays evergreen, promotable, and reusable.

We handle Topic Classification in ways most suitable to your needs. Through employing machine learning you get to receive vital business information faster than any human-powered team can produce.

  • Automated Content Categorisation
  • Structured Organisation of Data & Assets
  • Consistent Classification Models

The world moves extremely fast. Make sure you’re faster.

To stay relevant, you need to be employing machine learning and automate processes.

Collecting unbiased information from various sources and classifying hundreds of data points cannot happen quickly and at scale without the proper technology.

Taxonomy classification does make a difference as topic modelling is not mutually exclusive. A document can have its probability distribution spread across far more than a single topic. Hierarchical topic modelling methods are also applicable.

Get better than your competitors. Use data correctly.