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Research & Development

Sometimes brilliance strikes.

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We are constantly researching and developing new services. Some of our R&D projects are still at the “this could be brilliant” stage, while others — we’re conducting pilots and even winning awards for. Explore our latest work, follow our progress, or pitch your ideas.

Under research

Our square-ones. Every good innovation is based on thorough research. Get a glimpse of our early-stage projects and the future of Identrics. New tools, services or capabilities, we’re ever-expanding our arsenal.

Extracting relationships between events and entities.

Under development

We always have something brewing. Under development are the solutions that have successfully passed the initial research phase and entered the development process, taking them one step closer to deployment

Layering annotations and provenance within a semantic network.


The in-house-developed solutions and tools that we’ve now deployed for operational testing. We keep ourselves pretty busy, so new things are regularly introduced.

Disambiguation of named entities in web search using a vector space

SIP_finder: Identifying special interests persons.

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We’re open to all ideas. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our work.