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Transform your newsletter with AI

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Discover the power of AI to improve your newsletter performance.

A little automation can go a long way. Here is why:

1 AI-driven Newsletter Creation

Identrics combines a variety of AI technologies to structure the most interesting and favourable articles on any topic and help you deliver them to your client in a newsletter form. With the help of this technological solution, you can quickly learn and easily communicate important information from your industry to your audience.

2 Advanced Customization

The results are exported in a machine-readable format which is easily imported into any CRM and marketing platform. This allows you to customize your newsletter in any way you want – from designing the layout to selecting the content – in order to create an engaging newsletter that resonates with your readers.

3 Time-Saving

Our AI technology can help you better engage with your audience, while at the same time minimizing the time spent on this. Identrics can do all of the heavy lifting for you and help you create newsletters quickly and efficiently.

Why choose Identrics?

1.7+ million documents indexed per day

Our unique data lake system allows clients to go beyond traditional keyword or topic searches, allowing them to pinpoint industry-relevant sources per their expertise.

50+ languages available

Don’t mind the language barrier! We work with last-generation multilingual AI translators that can help you gain the big picture of the situations in all countries within the scope of the specific newsletter.

Cut through the noise

Topic classification technology creates informative topic clusters from all the articles and displays them in a newsletter format. This will allow us to create a newsletter with the most engaging articles on each topic, which your audience is interested in.

Doing the hard work for you

We use topic engagement technology to measure the popularity of every article on social media to ensure that only the most engaging ones are selected for your newsletter.

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