Following a resounding success at the Web Data Extraction Summit 2023 in Dublin, our Product & Service Manager, Nesin Veli, was once again in the spotlight. 

His initial talk on “Detect, Analyze & Respond: Harnessing Data to Combat Propaganda and Disinformation” not only captivated the audience but also marked a significant milestone in the ongoing conversation about the power of data in the fight against digital misinformation.

For those eager to dive straight into Nesin Veli’s insights, we invite you to watch the full presentation.

Nesin Veli, Product Manager at Identrics, on ‘Harnessing Data to Combat Propaganda and Disinformation’

Due to the overwhelmingly positive reception and the pressing relevance of the subject, Nesin was invited to deliver an encore presentation to the Extract Data Community, this time engaging with the enthusiastic audience via an online session hosted on Discord. 

On February 7th, 2024, he took the virtual stage as a keynote speaker, once more joining forces with Zyte’s vibrant community to educate, inspire, and innovate in the battle against disinformation.

You can also experience the depth of discussion, the innovative approaches, and the engaging delivery that captivated the audience through the recap below.

A Glimpse into the Presentation

Nesin’s talk, titled “Detect, Analyze & Respond: Harnessing Data to Combat Propaganda and Disinformation,” was structured around several key points that highlight the current challenges and solutions in the fight against cognitive warfare. 

Here’s what unfolded:

The battleground of cognitive warfare

Nesin opened his presentation by shedding light on the modern landscape of cognitive warfare, a realm where information is both the weapon and the battlefield. 

He elucidated how propaganda and disinformation campaigns are meticulously crafted to influence minds, foster societal divisions, and erode trust in governments. 

Highlighting the emergence of non-state actors and the phenomenon of ‘comfort information bubbles,’ Nesin articulated the nuanced tactics employed to manipulate public opinion, emphasising the heightened susceptibility of individuals when exposed to unfamiliar viewpoints.

“You are surrounded by information you are comfortable with; you are surrounded by people that share the same information; so it gets much easier to get some kind of emotional rise out of you when you are presented with something that is outside your comfort information bubble.”

Nesin Veli, Product Manager at Identrics

Unveiling solutions to counter disinformation

Addressing the challenge of disinformation, Nesin outlined two pivotal strategies: 

  1. media literacy; and 
  2. technological resilience. 

He underscored the importance of educating the public on discerning credible information from falsehoods, while acknowledging the limitations of this approach due to its slow pace. 

The spotlight then shifted to technological solutions, where Nesin showcased how advanced monitoring and alerting systems could empower individuals to make informed decisions, potentially signaling when information might be part of a disinformation campaign.

Identrics’ ecosystem in the fight against propaganda

Nesin provided a compelling overview of how Identrics is leading the charge against disinformation for media platforms and institutions. He detailed the company’s comprehensive ecosystem, including disinformation monitoring and the critical role of up-to-date knowledge bases for swift fact-checking. 

Diving into the technical aspects, he discussed Identrics’ deployment of tools such as hate speech alerts, source credibility profiles, and Human-in-the-Loop (HITL) model training, culminating in the use of data for narrative tracking—from inception to dissemination.

Introducing Project WASPer: A leap in AI-trolling detection

A highlight of Nesin’s presentation was the introduction of Project WASPer, Identrics’ groundbreaking AI-trolling detection tool

By analysing the nuances of language, tone, and context, WASPer can effectively flag content that aims to deceive, manipulate, or harass, thereby protecting users and preserving the integrity of online conversations.

What sets Project WASPer apart is not only its technological prowess but also its adaptability across multiple platforms and languages, ensuring comprehensive coverage in today’s global digital landscape. 

This adaptability allows media companies, social platforms, and online communities to deploy WASPer as a critical tool in their moderation toolbox, enhancing their ability to maintain healthy, constructive online environments.

Let’s talk about disinformation

Nesin Veli’s return to the stage with Zyte’s Extract Data Community not only reaffirmed the critical importance of addressing cognitive warfare but also showcased Identrics’ proactive stance and technological prowess in navigating the challenges posed by disinformation. 

As we look forward to more insights and innovations from Nesin and the Identrics team, the fight against propaganda and misinformation continues to evolve, with technology and education leading the charge towards a more informed and resilient society.

For those interested in learning more about Identrics’ efforts to combat disinformation or to explore the intricacies of Project WASPer, we invite you to connect with us. Together, we can make strides in preserving the integrity of our digital world.