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Technology / Natural Language Generation

Save time, money, and effort with natural language generation.

Whether you need to create thousands of product descriptions or summarise large chunks of text, NLG can help.

A refined, six-step process to natural language generation from start to implementation.

1 Content determination.

Identify the most important parts of your content. Highlight key points and streamline information architecture for ease of reading.

2 Document structuring.

Determine information architecture to ensure the most prominent parts are properly displayed.

3 Sentence aggregation.

Pick the correct sentences for the end product. This step aims to improve readability and understanding.

4 Lexical choice.

Choose the right words to best illustrate the meaning of the original text.

5 Correct grammar.

Ensure that there are no grammatical errors and the text is easy to read.

6 Language implementation.

We input the data into the template, and we ensure that everything is up to standard.

Turn structured data into natural, human language quickly and easily.

NLG has a wide range of applications. Whether you need big chunks of information summarised, or structured data turned into human-sounding text it can help you quickly and easily do so. 

Summarise repetitive content quickly and provide fluff-free content to your readers. Natural language generation can help you swiftly analyse thousands of articles and extract only the information most relevant to your audience.

Natural language generation saves time, effort, and money in writing compelling product descriptions and product categories. Furthermore, nurture your customer base with helpful emails and chatbots to improve customer experience.

Supercharge your original content with word suggestions to speed up content production across your whole organisation.

Focus on the important things in business and leave the technicalities to NLG.

Receive information that’s vital to your decision-making process, or free up the time of your creative team for meaningful content creation. Whether you need better information, data comparison, or writing summaries and product descriptions based on piles of data, NLG can help.

Try natural language generation first-hand.