Media intelligence is developing rapidly with the constant improvement of technology.

Media intelligence is the process of analyzing social and traditional media content, and helping businesses monitor and measure their media performance. With media intelligence, businesses can understand their positioning in the media, and improve their marketing and PR strategies. 

Media Intelligence is not an easy topic to uncover. Particularly because it’s largely dependent on current trends in technology, which change almost every week. That’s why FIBEP as an organisation decided to take the initiative to create a podcast dedicated to the trends in media intelligence. The podcast was created with the help of Identrics.

Media Intelligence Explained

The new FIBEP podcast is named “Media Intelligence Explained” and will be hosted by Alicja Bors, Business Development Manager at Softlytic & Vladimir Petkov, CEO at Identrics. 

The podcast was created to inform media intelligence professionals and the public about media intelligence. Media intelligence is constantly changing, so the podcast will give an idea about the current trends in media intelligence and any related news.

In this podcast the audience will hear all about the latest trends in media monitoring, technology, digital regulations and everything related to changes in the industry. The main topics of interest of the podcast are digital transformations, automation, AI innovations, machine learning, and deep learning models. 

We’ll analyze the latest news about innovations in technology and translate that into the context of media intelligence

Vladimir Petkov, CEO at Identrics

The first season of the podcast will have ten demo episodes focused on the technological innovations affecting the media monitoring industry.  

The podcast is also a great opportunity for people who are not necessarily working in media monitoring but want to be conscious media consumers. The information you’ll be able to hear in the FIBEP podcast will help you understand how media works, which will make you more critical when receiving information. 

Podcast’s first episode

S01E01 of the Media Intelligence Podcast show will introduce the hosts, the goals of the podcast, and the main responsibilities of FIBEP as an organization. During the first episode, the hosts talk with Magdalena Horanska, FIBEP’s Secretary-General. She goes into detail about the organizations’ goals and ambitions as well as FIBEP’s role in the media intelligence industry. 

The first episode also features an interview with Sophia Karakeva, a member of FIBEP’s Copyright and Fair Trade Commission. Sophia talks in detail about the tech advisory commission in FIBEP, and the role of technology in media monitoring and intelligence. 

What to expect from the series

The primary goal of ‘Media Intelligence Explained’ is to inform the public about the trends in media, media monitoring, and to promote FIBEP as an organization.

The first season will have ten monthly episodes, and if the project proves successful, future seasons will have 20 episodes, published bi-weekly.

For the next ten episodes, the audience can expect some very exciting topics such as the role of AI in media intelligence, ethical AI, and gaming marketing. You can also expect to hear in-depth discussion about NFTs, TikTok, the ethics of media monitoring, and the basics of the Metaverse. 


FIBEP is a media intelligence association with over 130 corporate members from more than 60 countries. The association was founded in 1953 and is now developed into an organization that hosts the FIBEP World Media Intelligence Congress, senior networking sessions, and a variety of high-impact research studies.

The association is dedicated to providing globally-driven, enterprise-scale solutions in the fields of media monitoring, media analysis, PR distribution, journalist databases, as well as consulting services. The main goal of the organization is to bring together professionals from the media intelligence industry and ease the process of finding partners and potential clients.

If you would like to share a topic that you want to see on our podcast, use the form below to reach out to us with your suggested subject of interest for us to discuss.