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What if your team never has to search manually for a media contact again?

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Automatically grow and update your media database with Identrics' powerful technologies.

What is Media Contact Database Automation?

If you are a PR software provider, you probably already know how challenging it is to keep your list of journalists fresh and up-to-date.

Identrics can help you automatically acquire new journalists’ contacts and update all the meta information about them. This way you can be sure that your database is always complete and that each journalist is connected to the topics they write about.

We can provide you with five services to optimise your media contacts database.

Media content from every country you need

As a media contacts database provider, the foundation of your business relies on keeping track of different sources of media content across the globe.

We deliver media content that can be automatically plugged into your production pipeline. Our source catalogue consists of thousands of media sources from around the globe and generates millions of articles on a daily basis.

The data is automatically collected, cleaned, normalised and stored in a structured format. 

Each media article from the data set has: 

  • Title
  • Author
  • Url
  • Data
  • Publisher Name
  • Publisher URL 

The advantage of Identrics’ datasets is that they are ready for machine post-processing, such as machine learning, indexing, database ingestion, etc.

Be the first to have new journalists in your media database

This service is a perfect fit for companies that provide PR software tools and are looking for the latest information about journalists that is specific and actionable.

This solution dramatically improves the speed of new author discovery and increases media coverage. We provide data sets consisting of signals for new authors appearing in media publications.

The solution allows you to:

  • Instantly create a new journalist profile in your media database
  • Update details for journalists already listed
Make it easy for PR and Communication professionals to find the right journalists for their pitches

Identrics can help you create a consistent database that follows a clear data organisation strategy designed to maximise customer experience and optimise your press release distribution services.


  • Taxonomy creation.

We can create a rigorous organisation system of authors and publishers that will integrate the IPTC or any other  metadata standard with our existing client tags. 

  • Ontology creation.

We can develop a strict ontology that provides a more accurate representation of the relationships between authors, outlets, and publishers, and allows you to store various types of knowledge about them.

Empower your customers by expanding their targeting options

Want to know what kind of topics, entities, or jurisdictions authors cover over a certain period? Identrics provides you with such information for each author.

The meta information on authors and outlets can improve your media contacts database and make it more effective for press release distribution. It also empowers PR specialists by providing them with better targeting options that result in better response rates, which in turn means stronger value for their work.

The path from a relational database to a knowledge graph database

Do you want to gain a better understanding of how journalists, media outlets and media publishers are connected, and improve the knowledge you can store about them?

Knowledge graphs provide a better representation of relationships between entities and allow the storage of unlimited amounts of information about journalists, media outlets and media publishers. 

Identrics can help you migrate your existing database so you can gain this unlimited storage of knowledge supported by a flexible data model.


Why choose Identrics?

Identrics is a leading provider of tailored knowledge extraction and text generation services. We transform businesses’ data and text processing tasks by creating tailor-made artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) models. 

Our solutions range from data classification and indexing to content enrichment – such as named entity recognition, and sentiment analysis, all the way to automated content recommendation and generation.

In Identrics we rely on the following principles:

  • Evolution, not revolution
  • Agile multiple projects approach
  • Stable and consistent innovation with fast time-to-market
  • Co-develop with client product team
  • Minimise client development input and maximise return output

Ready to take your media database to the next level?