Here at Identrics, we are tech freaks who always strive towards new technology and innovations. We are nevertheless simply people and our human side is precisely what makes us great IT professionals. 

We would therefore like to share more about the people we have the pleasure of calling colleagues, even if for a while, who start their career path with an internship at Identrics. We’ll take the wheel by telling you a little bit more about the journey of Georgi Angelchev, Machine Learning Engineer Intern at Identrics.

Identrics through the eyes of a machine learning engineer intern

Here is what Georgi shared about the time he spent with us:

“As a twenty-year-old university student, I had had no work experience aside from some blue-collar part-time jobs, so when I joined the company for a summer internship I was eager to get as much from the experience as possible. Fortunately, the company, as well as the team I worked with, matched all the expectations I had. 

For as short of a time frame as one summer, I acquired vast knowledge in the field of machine learning through materials given to me by my colleagues, day-to-day practical activities and frequent discussions and chit-chats on a variety of topics.

Great practice of the firm is that it assigns each intern a person to closely monitor and support him. 

Georgi Angelchev

For me, this was really helpful, as the person who worked with me explained not only how the different machine learning models worked but also the math behind them, which gave me greater insight into how computations are made.

There is another important component when it comes to a company – its community. 

Georgi Angelchev

The company has a large community made up of people who share the same goals. At first, I found it difficult to blend in, as the jargon used seemed too technical; but once I grasped it, I felt some sense of belonging to the team. I can describe the community as a close-knit one, since the communication among colleagues is active outside of the office, too. Moreover, a flexible schedule on a day-to-day basis allows company members to choose how to allocate their time, preventing opportunistic behaviour. 

All in all, I acquired an array of new techniques for tackling problems throughout my internship, as well as getting acquainted with useful libraries. Not only that, but I also met people whose experience was invaluable to one’s own professional growth.”

We were happy to have met and worked with such enthusiastic and full of potential young professionals as Georgi is. Let’s wish him all the best in his career and personal development path – and don’t forget to turn data into knowledge!

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