We are reflecting on the two busy days at the 2022 Digital Assembly, hosted by the European Commission and the holder of the Presidency of the Council of the European Union in Toulouse.

The event was held on 21 and 22 June 2022 and had four workshops, followed by a plenary session, which featured a range of high-level and inspirational speakers from the digital sector, policymakers, and academia.

EU officials, academia and business representatives gathered to discuss green and resilient digital transition and the path to digital sovereignty. Of main focus were the digital skills of the digital future, the people and the technologies that are creating new digital value chains.

We had some intensive discussions about the collaborative work between authorities and the private sector – such as how they can strategically execute ideas on a European strategy for managing digital value chains. Another important topic of discussion was the incentivization of stakeholders on the RnD map, as well as  keeping digital sovereignty and sustainability as a first priority

We are bringing back new ideas and motivation to continue Identrics’ work on knowledge-intensive and tech-based solutions that empower data-driven decisions

In light of the future of innovation and RnD topics that followed, we exchanged views, ideas and knowledge on how to straighten Digital Europe by empowering Ukraine and staying united, how to protect the citizens of the metaverse, and why ethical AI and data and information efficiency. 

If you have missed the 2022 Digital Assembly, you can still watch the recordings:

Slavyana Krushovenska, CCO at Identrics, shared her thoughts on the conference after the event:

“With Identrics’ ML models and AI analysis and the frameworks we developed to make them work, innovation constitutes and drives large portion of our services. These services are then adapted for and adopted by various stakeholders in the private sector to meet the new demands of their digital customers.

This means we are of course quite interested in any new trends and developmental goals on the global landscape, especially such that may very well be accompanied by increased regulation and call for even more interaction between business and government.”

Slavyana Krushovenska, CCO at Identrics

Identrics is in a constant search for new technological developments and is always eager to discuss and implement ethical AI practices into the day-to-day work. 

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