FIBEP Tech Day 2024, held in London, England, brought together tech and media intelligence professionals from around the globe to discuss the latest trends and technologies in public relations (PR) and media intelligence. Our company was thrilled to attend once again, marking our continued commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements.

Nesin Veli, Products and Services Manager at Identrics, discussing comfort information bubbles.

At this year’s event, our Products and Services Manager, Nesin Veli, delivered a presentation titled “Look Who’s Writing.” He discussed key strategies for combating disinformation and advancing PR optimisation through AI-powered solutions.

Here’s what attendees learned from his presentation:

  • How Media Contacts Database Automation is helping PR companies keep journalist profiles updated automatically.
  • The current trends in combating disinformation and hate speech.
  • New tools for detecting and preventing online cognitive warfare.

Identifying and combating disinformation

Nesin Veli began the presentation by discussing the rise of disinformation in the digital era. He highlighted how online cognitive warfare, driven by fast data on social media and mainstream media, can influence public perception.

Nesin Veli on modern cognitive warfare.

He introduced the audience to the following terms:

  • Propaganda:

Information, often biased or misleading, used to promote a political cause or point of view.

  • Disinformation:

False information spread deliberately to deceive.

  • Malinformation:

Information that is based on reality but used to harm.

  • Misinformation:

False information spread without harmful intent.

  • Hate speech:

Language that incites violence or prejudice against specific groups.

Nesin then presented two projects which Identrics is actively developing to tackle these challenges: WASPer and CoDE. WASPer focuses on reviewing potential hate speech instances, while CoDE aims to prevent the distribution of disinformation through advanced algorithms and real-time monitoring.

Media Contacts Database Automation: PR optimisation with AI

After addressing disinformation, Nesin shifted focus to how AI is helping PR companies optimise their operations.

He presented curious statistics on AI usage in PR and shared a successful case study demonstrating how our Media Contacts Database Automation solution is assisting PR companies.

Success rate of Identrics’ Media Contacts Database Automation solution in a real business setting.

The case study illustrated how the automation system helps PR companies keep journalists’ profiles updated by scanning public sources and updating the database automatically. This capability saves time and ensures accuracy, leading to more efficient communication strategies.

Key benefits of Media Contacts Database Automation include:

  • Time-saving

Automation reduces manual tasks, allowing PR professionals to focus on strategy.

  • Accuracy

Keeps contact information current, reducing errors and miscommunications.

  • Scalability

Adaptable to different business sizes and needs.

Nesin emphasised the connection between accurate journalist profiles and the prevention of disinformation.

Keeping authors’ profiles current helps ensure genuine journalism reaches the public, promoting content with original insights, ethical standards, accountability, and diverse perspectives.

Key takeaways

The presentation ended with a lively discussion, where Nesin Veli addressed questions on PR optimisation, cognitive warfare, and the broader implications of AI solutions in media intelligence. 

In doing so, he also posed an important question for the audience: What role does accurate journalism play in maintaining a well-informed society? The discussion revolved around how genuine journalism can build relationships, provide impactful stories, and resist the spread of disinformation.

The event highlighted the importance of using technology to create a safer and more informed online environment, emphasising that our solutions are designed to support these goals.

To learn more about our AI-driven solutions and discuss how they can support your business projects, contact us today.