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Technology / Document Similarity and Clustering

Systematise large amounts of information and aid your research with our Document Similarity services.

Reading through thousands of documents is unnecessarily time-consuming. Document similarity estimates the degree of similarity between texts through keywords and key phrases, allowing you to skip information with similar meaning.

Words, phrases and meaning have a complicated relationship.

1 Give us the pool of data you need to be analysed.

Employ a smarter and faster information retrieval process even in different languages.

2 Discover plagiarism and semantic similarity.

A well-working algorithm will understand the meaning behind different words and intercept plagiarism.

3 Quickly analyse and put order to thousands of documents.

Whether you conduct brand monitoring, sort documents, or research on a large scale, we can train our Document Similarity to your needs.

Speed up content analysis.

Having your team sift through data is time-consuming and expensive. Accelerate content analysis and give your team the freedom to focus on actionable information.

The research and analysis assistant your venture needs.

Focus your team’s efforts on understanding information, rather than reading the same thing from multiple sources. From organising huge pools of data, finding relevant terms in a dataset, and brand monitoring to research and semantic understanding you can do things much faster.

We derive meaning from the natural language, understanding irony, humour, or even sarcasm.

Document similarity helps the publishers and risk and compliance sectors thrive.

Make sure your company is operating in a manner consistent with the law, the firm’s values, and overall risk. Managing compliance risk is a complex process. It involves steps such as identifying and evaluating potential risks that may threaten the business’ compliance with the law. These steps may include actions such as reviewing business reports or documents from regulatory bodies. It may also involve assessing the data that the organization already has. Document similarity can help risk analysts by filtering content and managing it by topic.

Content creation is a creative task. However, sometimes writers can write similarly to others, especially if the topic is popular. Document similarity can help us make writings more unique. Not only that, but you can use document similarity to group similar news articles by topic, for example. That will save you hundreds of hours manually filtering through content.

Learn how document similarity can help your business.