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Solutions / Disinformation Detection

AI Solutions for Exposing Disinformation

Stay one step ahead of misinformation with Identrics' advanced machine learning and AI-powered solutions.

Comprehensive Coverage of Diverse Sources

Propaganda can spread rapidly in the quick-paced digital world of today, confusing and alienating audiences. Our advanced state-of-the-art machine learning, AI models and data collection services detect patterns, analyse content, and alert you when there is potential disinformation identified. 

Identrics covers a wide range of sources, including:

  • Online media
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Telegram channels
  • Reddit
  • Comments sections

Our AI-powered systems ensure that you have a complete picture of the information landscape by monitoring and analysing content from multiple platforms, allowing you to act effectively against the spread of misinformation.

An Essential Solution for Various Institutions

Identrics’ disinformation detection services cater to the needs of a diverse audience, including:

  • Research centers
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Educational institutions
  • Government bodies
  • Media organisations
  • Fact-checking organisations

Identrics helps these organisations make informed decisions, maintain credibility, and foster a culture of transparency and trust.

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