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Make sense of big data. Superpower your business with 


Custom data science solutions that help you better understand your business.

Big data is… BIG. And complicated. Our data scientists and analysts employ a time-proven process.

1 We source the data, or you provide us with your own.

We find the data ourselves, or you provide us with the information generated by your company.

2 Model training as per your needs.

All Identrics solutions are custom-made. Our models are trained per your needs and the data prepared for analysts is always unique.

3 Our best data scientists and analysts get to work. 

Big data can be hard to understand when it’s not analysed and organised. We make sure the final product is enriched with our expert data insights.

Solve your operational business problems with Custom Data Science.

Understanding data your business generates is vital to optimize operations, solve problems, and increase profits.

Identrics employs a mix of human analysts and machine learning to enhance your operational efficiency. We provide you with insights and research solutions.

Filtering media content and alerting about the appearance of special interested entities

Custom, context-based entity extraction model

A global risk and compliance services provider.

The challenge:
Identify Special Interest Persons (SIP) involved in specific criminal activity from a large set of news articles.

The solution:
We created a custom, context-based entity extraction model that not only recognises SIP within articles, as per the original client request but mines and systematises the contextual information about SIP and their crimes – including their industry, related persons and organisations, the monetary value of the crime and stage of any ensuing legal proceedings. In doing so, we drastically reduced the volume of manual article filtering and basic data entry tasks for in-house analysts. This project won us a Stevie award.

Businesses today generate more data than ever before. 
And understanding big data is hard.

Instead of hiring and training a team of data scientists, DSaaS allows you to benefit from data science in a faster, more efficient and nimble way.

Our data science experts collect the data from your organization, analyze it, and return the insights extracted to you.

Understand your business through data.