Identrics. Customisable AI & NLP solutions that help you understand data.

We deliver AI solutions to help people and organizations understand big data better.

We’re an award-winning research and development company. Our AI-based solutions help organizations of all sizes and the people in them, deal with immense volumes of data and text.

We approach Big Data in a unique way. Employing various techniques like text mining, NLP, and sentiment analysis we achieve a next-to-human level of accuracy. Using machine learning, we provide insights about any volume of text in over 11 languages.

The office of Identrics.

To empower companies in making data-driven decisions.

To deliver knowledge-intensive and technology-based solutions to companies all over the world, besides the languages they use and the information they want to extract.

Identrics is a part of the
Updata One community, which aims to revolutionise how data companies work together.


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