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Technologies in the Media Intelligence industry to keep an eye on.

Which Technologies in the Media Intelligence Industry Should We Keep an Eye on This 2021?

These are only a handful of questions related to the creation process and constant evolution in the media intelligence industry. “As a tech solution provider, our mission is to give answers to our customers,” Identrics CEO, Vladimir Petkov emphasised at the second session of the FIBEP “Exploring the media intelligence business ecosystem” interview series His […]

A leap into the unknown about Abstractive Summarisation.

A Leap Into the Unknown About Abstractive Summarisation

Abstractive summarisation in the spotlight The 2021 Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing conference (RANLP) that took place online between 1 and 3 September turned out to be the perfect platform for the enthusiastic and innovative team of Identrics to demonstrate its progress in the field of abstractive summarisation and debate on the factual consistency […]

Kaspian helps to power up businesses with information.

Kaspian: Power Up Your Business With Information

What is Kaspian Kaspian is a big data delivery platform which deals with a vast data lake and classifies it into meaningful streams. It makes it quick and easy for customers to get the information they are looking for without losing track and spending long hours reading and researching. Identrics’ big data lake encompasses over […]

What is ethical AI and why does it matter?

AI Ethics: What Is Ethical AI and Why Does It Matter?

In an increasingly connected world, AI is becoming more and more prevalent. The benefits of AI are clear to see: it can help us with everything from making medical diagnoses to creating new business processes. However, we must address the ethical issues as we become more reliant on AI systems. We should be more aware […]

Applications of NLG in the Media Intelligence Industry.

Applications of NLG in the Media Intelligence Industry

The knowledge-intensive industry has evolved in recent years, owing to technological advancements and a growing demand for data-driven insights. Companies that provide media intelligence are no exception. As the volume of data generated by media sources grows, these companies must develop new methods for analysing and interpreting media intelligence data in a timely and accurate […]

What are the best sources of training data for large language models?

What Are the Best Sources of Training Data for Language Models?

Machine learning is advancing at an unprecedented pace. There are some incredible, game-changing technologies out there and they are moving us ever closer to a world previously only seen in sci-fi movies. This rapid advancement is driven by improvements in computer processing, with AI now able to process immense quantities of data. But where does […]

Large Language Models (LLM) as a foundation.

LLM as a Foundation: What It Takes To Tailor and Fine-Tune Models

Dive into the world of large language models and explore how LLMs are trained and fine-tuned. Understand the ethical dimensions of AI development.

Identifying the best data platform solutions for your business in 2023.

Identifying the Best Data Platform Solutions for Your Business in 2023

Discover the ideal data platform solution for your business. Explore Identrics’ Kaspian platform, its advanced features, and real-world use cases.

Hate speech detection in comments.

Hate Speech Detection in Comments

Fight online hate speech effectively with Identrics’ Hate Speech Detection Model. Keep your digital platforms clean, accessible, and compliant with hate crime regulations.

5 ways you can benefit from Abstractive Summarisation.

5 Ways You Can Benefit From Abstractive Summarisation

Discover how abstractive summarisation transforms lengthy texts into concise, meaningful summaries, enhancing your content research & analysis.

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