Our abstractive summarisation method produces coherent and concise summaries. It reduces the length of sentences and thus results in less redundancy in texts. That is especially important if you compare it to extractive summarisation, where non-relevant parts of the original text can be included. 

The main advantages of Identrics’ solution are:

  • Automatically retelling news and analytical materials
  • Reducing manual work
  • Dealing with copywriting issues
  • Improving competitiveness
  • This solution works with multilingual content

Abstractive summaries can help businesses avoid copywriting issues since they are entirely new texts. That can ultimately save costs and efforts in plagiarism checking. Also, manually going through a lengthy volume of text and summarising it can take a lot of time. Abstractive summaries help cut down the manual effort and time needed to do that.

We have a case study with a media intelligence company that wanted to optimise the work of its analysts and reduce the time they spent creating summaries of different articles, so they could focus on more important work. 

We have implemented abstractive summarisation into their working process. This led to an average of 50% optimisation of the time an analyst spent on an article and a 40% reduction in the production costs, reported by the company department that implemented our solution.

This technology has the potential to also optimise processes in publishing, risk and compliance, bioinformatics, libraries and universities.