Ever wondered how a business story typically unfolds? Picture this: it all starts with an aha moment, a realisation of a pressing need. Then comes the hunt for the perfect team to tackle the challenge at hand. Crafting a brief becomes the norm, and soon you find yourself knee-deep in the details of what you are aiming to achieve.

But hold on, not every business journey follows this conventional script. Sometimes, it is the unexpected encounters that lead to the most exciting ventures. Imagine a casual dinner or a post-conference cocktail where business talk seamlessly blends with genuine connection. These laid-back discussions often spark innovative ideas and solutions. Before you know it, tailored proposals from providers promise to catapult your company to new heights.

Now, let’s zoom into one such tale—the birth of the partnership between Identrics and Medianet

We prefer to call it a partnership because, frankly, our teams work hand in hand like a well-oiled machine. Distance? Professional domains? They are mere hurdles we effortlessly overcome. 

The magic lies in the seamless synergy of our collaboration, not just driving success, but fostering authentic connections. After all, there is something special about working alongside people you genuinely get along with.

And now, without further ado, here is the successful story:

A year ago, the media intelligence landscape witnessed Medianet, a leader in the field of PR and communication, team up with Identrics to harness the power of artificial intelligence. This union was forged with a specific goal in mind: to supercharge Medianet’s extensive database of over 36,000 media contacts, enhancing its PR software. 

By integrating Identrics’ bespoke AI solutions, this collaboration has reached a significant milestone. The automation has not only reduced manual workloads by 40% but also enhanced the efficiency of updates to media contacts information. Specifically, the automated processes have achieved a 370% increase in the accuracy and speed of updates when compared to traditional manual methods.

About our journey as companies


Think of Medianet as the bridge builders there to connect storytellers with those eager to tell stories. With their toolkit, crafting connections becomes a breeze, blending tech smarts with a human touch. Their mission? To support valued clients in achieving earned media success. To let stories fly, reaching hearts and minds across Australia.


Picture Identrics as the tech wizards behind the curtain, making data dance and text transform with the spell of our AI-powered innovations. Our drive? We are all about pushing boundaries, turning the impossible into the achievable, all while keeping the gears of innovation and agility turning. Identrics is not just about solutions, we are about revolutionising the way decisions are made and stories are told.

Our impact together

From the moment our paths converged, here is what we have set in motion:

  • Enhanced data quality

Leveraging Identrics’ AI has sharpened the accuracy of Medianet’s media data to 98.7% across critical metrics, ensuring clients access the most relevant and timely information.

  • Operational efficiency

By automating the repetitive jobs, we have reclaimed 40% more time for Medianet, allowing it to allocate more resources to strategic tasks.

  • Increased product accuracy & relevance

Together, we have ensured narratives do not just echo in the void but land with precision, sparking meaningful engagement and connection.

What drove us together?

This partnership began with a vision shared by Medianet’s Managing Director, Amrita Sidhu, that, through a passionate focus on delivering customer value, organizations’ stories of success and information that matters to the public could more impactfully reach the right audience and be heard amidst the noise of the digital age. 

At its core, this partnership is about empowering Medianet’s clients to navigate the increasingly complex world of media relations with precision and efficiency. 

By combining Medianet’s unmatched media relations expertise with our custom AI & ML solutions, we aimed to deliver exceptional value to PR professionals across the media landscape.

Facing the challenge

Confronted with the task of updating a vast database and the need for industry-leading efficiency, we found our rhythm.

“PR who are familiar with a person’s work, or an outlet’s specific tone and coverage area, will have more success and foster better connections with journalists”

Journalist – Medianet Media Landscape Report 2024

By blending Medianet’s PR finesse with Identrics’ Media Contacts Database Automation solution, we embarked on a mission to transform the tedious into the triumphant by making the database at hand not only larger but smarter and more relevant.

The wow factor

The results? They did pay off with a 370% leap in profiles flagged for updates versus the historical manual check approach, and nearly two out of every five hours are now freed up for PR brilliance.

Success rate of Identrics’ Media Contacts Database Automation solution in a real business setting.

For Medianet and its clients, this means amplified reach and narratives with an impact like never before.

Looking ahead

As we look into the future, our ambitions soar beyond mere automation. We are aiming to redefine PR’s potential with our partnership as the bedrock.

“Looking ahead, Identrics and Medianet are poised to revolutionise PR reporting by automating measurement, insights and report generation, ushering in a new era of efficiency and innovation.

With a shared commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering unparalleled value, the partnership between Identrics and Medianet continues to thrive, inspiring others to embrace the power of collaboration and human connection.”

Amrita Sidhu, Managing Director at Medianet

United in our commitment to innovation and excellence, we are excited to continue this journey, turning every challenge into an opportunity to shine brighter.