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Case Studies

We’ve done some pretty neat things.

From winning a Stevie award to crafting some of the world’s cutting-edge AI data solutions, here are a few of our proudest works.
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Here is how Data Science-as-a-Service (DSaaS) can help your business.

Here Is How Data Science-as-a-Service (DSaaS) Can Help Your Business

Why Data Science as a Service (DSaaS)? Data has been progressively changing areas like business optimization, media monitoring, retail, and everything you can think of really. All organizations manage and operate different types and amounts of data. Good strategies for data understanding and setup have proven important because your data contains the keys to managing […]

Success story from the Media Monitoring industry with real-life examples in numbers.

Success story from the Media Monitoring industry: Implementation of abstraction summarisation

Our abstractive summarisation method produces coherent and concise summaries. It reduces the length of sentences and thus results in less redundancy in texts. That is especially important if you compare it to extractive summarisation, where non-relevant parts of the original text can be included.  The main advantages of Identrics’ solution are: Automatically retelling news and […]

Case Study: How we combined technologies to discover the most discussed topics at the moment

Case Study: How we combined technologies to discover the most discussed topics at the moment

Together with United Partners, one of the leading international corporate and marketing communications agencies, Identrics created a weekly overview of relevant stories from the PR and marketing landscape across multiple countries. We coupled topic modelling technologies with social media engagement measurement to give domain experts a quick and rich breakdown of the hot topics of […]

Uncovering renewable energy trends and sentiments in Media through AI.

Uncovering Renewable Energy Trends and Sentiments in Media Through Topic Discovery & Data labelling: A Case Study by Identrics

The Client A leading global provider of communications and marketing solutions. The Case The client wanted to be able to tap into a wealth of renewable energy data, enrich it with specific brand insights, and use machine learning models to uncover new opportunities and strategies.  They needed to find a supplier who could not only […]