We are proud to announce a groundbreaking achievement in the field of natural language processing (NLP) and sentiment analysis, specifically tailored for the Bulgarian language. The pioneering SM-FEEL-BG project has successfully created the first Bulgarian datasets and classifiers for detecting emotions and sentiments in social media texts.

This research was led by the talented team at GATE Institute, including Irina Temnikova, Ruslana Margova, Silvia Gargova, and Nevena Grigorova. But what we are even more proud of is the fact that our Head of Language Technologies, Iva Marinova, has been a pivotal contributor to this project.

What is the SM-FEEL-BG project?

The SM-FEEL-BG project focuses on developing comprehensive datasets and advanced classifiers specifically for the Bulgarian language. These tools are designed to accurately detect and analyse emotions and sentiments in social media texts, filling a significant gap in the field of NLP for Bulgarian.

Additionally, this project represents a significant leap forward in the capabilities of natural language processing for the Bulgarian language, addressing a previously unmet need for localised tools and resources. 

By creating the first datasets and classifiers of this kind, the SM-FEEL-BG project lays the groundwork for future advancements and applications in various fields, including countering disinformation and propaganda in Bulgaria, social media analysis, customer service, and public opinion monitoring.

Why is the SM-FEEL-BG project so significant?

For the Bulgarian tech community

The SM-FEEL-BG allows researchers and developers to have access to comprehensive datasets and sentiment classifiers tailored specifically for the Bulgarian language, for the first time. This opens up new avenues for innovation and development in natural language processing and sentiment analysis. 

The project’s open-access approach to most of the datasets fosters a collaborative environment, encouraging further research and shared knowledge among professionals in the field. This initiative not only places Bulgaria on the map in the global AI and NLP landscape but also provides the local tech community with the tools and resources needed to drive future advancements.

Furthermore, the project highlights the potential for local language technologies to compete on an international scale. 

For businesses operating in Bulgaria

Businesses can now leverage these advanced tools to gain deeper insights into customer emotions and sentiments. This enables the same companies to enhance their customer engagement strategies, improve service delivery, and make their offerings better to meet the needs and preferences of their audience.

Moreover, the project plays a crucial role in combating disinformation and harmful content on media platforms. By accurately detecting emotions and sentiments, these tools can identify and mitigate the spread of disinformation, hate speech, and other forms of harmful content. This contributes to creating a safer and more trustworthy online environment for all users.

The significance for Identrics

The success of this project showcases the expertise and innovative spirit that drive our team, particularly highlighting the significant contributions of our Head of Language Technologies, Iva Marinova.

Iva’s involvement in the SM-FEEL-BG project not only underscores her expertise and dedication but also enhances Identrics’ reputation as a leader in the field through her contribution. 

Furthermore, this project aligns perfectly with our mission to leverage AI and ML for combating propaganda, analysing unstructured data, and automating time-consuming tasks.

As we continue to develop and implement bespoke solutions for our clients, the insights and technologies derived from this project will play a crucial role in enhancing our capabilities and delivering superior results.

Congratulations to the team

We congratulate the entire GATE Institute team for their outstanding work, and thank Iva Marinova, part of our team at Identrics, for her significant contributions. This collaboration highlights the power of teamwork and innovation in advancing the field of natural language processing.

At Identrics, we are committed to leveraging advancements like this to provide AI-based solutions tailored to specific business needs. Reach out if you would like to learn more about how our AI solutions can benefit your business.