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The evolution of Email Marketing: Trends and innovations in Newsletter Automation.

The Evolution of Email Marketing: Trends and Innovations in Newsletter Automation

Learn how tailored automation streamlines email content discovery, enabling faster, cost-effective, and efficient newsletter creation. Discover Identrics’ Newsletter Automation solution now.

Why does taxonomy classification matter?

Why Does Data Taxonomy Classification Matter?

Learn how taxonomy classification can help you manage large data sets, and boost your brand’s market performance. Find a working taxonomy classification solution.

The integral role of Big Data in business: A closer look at Kaspian.

The Integral Role of Big Data in Business: A Closer Look at Kaspian

Explore how Identrics’ Kaspian bridges the gap between raw information and actionable insights, revolutionising decision-making in the digital age.

5 ways you can benefit from Abstractive Summarisation.

5 Ways You Can Benefit From Abstractive Summarisation

Discover how abstractive summarisation transforms lengthy texts into concise, meaningful summaries, enhancing your content research & analysis.

Continuing Excellence: Identrics Wins Bronze Stevie Award for Kaspian Media Data Delivery Platform

Discover how Identrics shines with a Bronze Stevie Award for Kaspian Data Platform. Elevate insights, innovation, and data excellence in the media sector.

Hate speech detection in comments.

Hate Speech Detection in Comments

Fight online hate speech effectively with Identrics’ Hate Speech Detection Model. Keep your digital platforms clean, accessible, and compliant with hate crime regulations.

Identifying the best data platform solutions for your business in 2023.

Identifying the Best Data Platform Solutions for Your Business in 2023

Discover the ideal data platform solution for your business. Explore Identrics’ Kaspian platform, its advanced features, and real-world use cases.

The impact of Reddit's API access charges on large language model development.

The Impact of Reddit’s API Access Charges on Large Language Model Development

Explore the potential impact of Reddit’s API access charges on large language models. Discover the implications for AI training data and the future of LLMs.

Large Language Models (LLM) as a foundation.

LLM as a Foundation: What It Takes To Tailor and Fine-Tune Models

Dive into the world of large language models and explore how LLMs are trained and fine-tuned. Understand the ethical dimensions of AI development.

The evolution of Natural Language Generation and its impact today.

The Evolution of Natural Language Generation and Its Impact on the Media Intelligence Industry: Key Takeaways From FIBEP Tech Day 2023

The FIBEP Tech Day 2023 conference brought together experts from the media intelligence industry to discuss the latest trends, technologies, and innovations impacting the sector. The event covered a wide range of topics, reflecting the diverse interests and expertise of the speakers and attendees. The conference emphasized the importance of collaboration and innovation in the […]

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