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What is Data Enrichment, and how does it unlock business potential?

What is Data Enrichment & How Does It Unlock Business Potential

Data enrichment is a fundamental aspect of data intelligence, contributing to the enhancement of insights and decision-making capabilities in organisations by ensuring the quality and relevance of data assets within its data ecosystem. Specifically, enrichment involves augmenting existing datasets with fresh and supplementary information, subsequently validated by teams through third-party sources to enhance overall data […]

Here is how Data Science-as-a-Service (DSaaS) can help your business.

How Data Science as a Service (DSaaS) Can Help Your Business Grow & Why

To get value from massive data and meet business objectives, one needs expertise, tools, and knowledge to comprehend what questions to ask and how to reveal the right patterns in the data. As well as the skills to create useful models.

Identrics CEO Highlights AI Solutions Against Propaganda and Hate Speech at Mindstone Sofia AI Meetup

Watch Vladimir Petkov, CEO of Identrics, discuss leveraging AI to combat propaganda and hate speech at the Mindstone Sofia AI Meetup. Discover our innovative solutions and collaborative initiatives aimed at safeguarding information integrity online. Explore our projects to learn more about our technology’s role in the fight against disinformation.

Nesin Veli Returns to Zyte’s Extract Data Community with Insights on Battling Disinformation

Join Nesin Veli as he returns with groundbreaking insights on fighting disinformation at Zyte’s Extract Data Community. Discover the latest strategies, including Project WASPer, and learn how technology and education are pivotal in this battle.

Generative AI and Its Impact on Non-English Content

Discover how advanced generative AI technologies are breaking language barriers, fostering cultural diversity, and shaping the future of global communication.

Identrics Introduces WASPer to Combat AI-Generated Trolling

Discover how this open-source solution aims to improve online discussions, protect media integrity, and restore trust in digital interactions.

Identrics Joins Forces in CoDE Project to Combat Disinformation in Bulgaria

Identrics is a technology partner contributing to the CoDE project, an initiative aimed at analysing Bulgaria’s information environment. This collaborative effort involves several prominent entities, including the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FEBA) at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski,” which serves as the coordinating partner for the research endeavour. Working alongside Identrics are esteemed […]

Generative AI and Non-English Content: Bridging the Language Gap

Discover the transformative impact of Generative AI on non-English content creation. Learn how AI technologies like GPT are reshaping our digital experiences across diverse languages.

Five elements of an effective newsletter content strategy.

5 Elements of an Effective Newsletter Content Strategy

Newsletters, in the digital marketing toolkit, are more than just email blasts; they are the heartbeat of customer engagement and brand storytelling.  While the mechanics of an effective newsletter content strategy might appear deceptively simple — draft, select, send — mastering its true potential is an art form. It is about leveraging your hard-earned contact […]

Technologies against Disinformation 2.0, 2023 edition.

Recap of Technologies Against Disinformation 2.0 and Identrics Strategic Contributions to the Dialogue

Technologies Against Disinformation 2.0 has charted the journey from awareness to action. Revisit the enlightening dialogues and watch the recording.

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