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Automated reports make dealing with enormous amounts of information a piece of cake.

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Identrics can dive into the data and generate an automated report based on your criteria. If you want to take out more of the information, we can enrich the report with sentiment analysis and send it to you regularly via email.

Stay up-to-date with external communication or gain knowledge from your data. Without wasting time.

1 Build your data-driven automated report.

We can combine, structure, and analyse your dataset, or use our data lake of over a million documents indexed daily to extract a report out of.

2 Employ machine learning models to get only information relevant to you.

Cluster and enrich your documents’ meta information with our Document Similarity Service. From mentioned entities (Named Entity Recognition), topics (Topics Classification), and sentiment (Sentiment analysis). The processed documents can then be automatically extracted.

3 Use the reports as a one-off solution or send regular newsletters on your schedule.

Get regular updates on the information you want. Custom target your mailing list and use as many automated channels as you want.

Extract knowledge
out of data.

Collecting data is important, but it is not enough. Identrics can apply an unsupervised model to help you extract the knowledge from the information you want. The summary will be arranged and presented to you in an easy to understand way.

We use Deep Learning Models and AI Summarization Technology to create an automated report that can be delivered to you via API.

Everything that can
be automated should be.

Automation is not good to have anymore, it is a must. Automated reports deliver a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the information.

You can use it to answer the questions that are of great importance to your business and know what customers talk about a specific brand or keyword.

Use automated reports for your research purposes or integrate them as part of a newsletter to keep your customers informed about the things they care about.

Take advantage of automated reports.