Identrics. Customisable AI & NLP solutions that help you understand data.

Customisable AI & NLP solutions that help you understand data.

Get the AI sidekick your business needs to understand big data in detail and at scale.

Get a grasp on big data.

We’ve got a full suite of
machine learning services customisable to your needs.

Kaspian – High-Quality Media Data

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Kaspian is a powerful data delivery tool giving you access to a vast Data Lake and the tools to navigate it into meaningful Data Streams in order to easily power up your Media Intelligence platform.

Training Data for Language Models

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Get the high-quality data you need to start building a language model for conversational AI, content generation and augmentation, or information retrieval and analysis.

Natural Language Processing Enrichments

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Natural Language Processing (NLP) Enrichments empower you to extract valuable insights and information from unstructured text data. With NLP, you can unlock the full potential of your data, and gain a competitive edge in your industry.

Automated Abstractive Text Summarisation

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Read, shorten, and understand lengthy texts without sacrificing quality. Automated abstractive summaries help you save time and effort in analysing large volumes of text.

Topic Engagement

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Focus on making the right content for the right occasion. Know what’s relevant now from crypto and soft news to climate protection and the European football championship.

Automated Reports

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Identrics can dive into the data and generate an automated report based on your criteria. If you want to take out more of the information, we can enrich the report with sentiment analysis and send it to you regularly via email.

Newsletter Automation

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Our technology blends AI to curate the most relevant articles on any topic, making it easy to share vital information with your audience in a personalized newsletter form.

Media Contacts Database Automation

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Check out our latest solutions to automate your production pipeline and power up your platform with media sources and contacts from around the world.

Hate Speech Detection

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Protect your online community from harmful language with our cutting-edge technology today.

Disinformation Detection

Identrics' Disinformation Detection service offers advanced machine learning and AI-powered solutions to help you stay one step ahead of misinformation in today's fast-paced digital world.

Custom Data Science

Understand complex data and analyse huge pools of information with our customisable data science services.

Data science experts who like to tinker around with AI.

We’re an award-winning team that knows how to deal with big data.

How big? → Immense.

Backed by one of the world’s leading business intelligence providers, we create custom AI-powered data solutions.

Humans are indispensable but big data is vast. We solve this.

The Identrics team has a paramount mission in life — imagine, build, and improve machines that help businesses and individuals understand big data.

With our human-in-the-loop approach, we ensure that our AI models achieve next-to-human understanding of data. Even if the data at hand is indirect, semantic or metaphorical.

From the public sector to media companies, here are the industries that use our services.

Identrics delivers high-quality services on time. We reached Identrics with an inquiry for optimisation of the processes related to repeatable content-creation tasks. Identrics implemented a tailor-made AI and ML-based model that resulted in significant process improvement.
— A Data Pro


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