What is abstractive summarisation, what benefits does it provide, and how might it help your company to grow? Read on to learn more.

How Can You Benefit From Abstractive Summarisation Technology?

Abstractive summarisation is a form of automated text generation that takes huge blocks of text and condenses it into easily consumable summaries. If content is key to your daily operations, you could benefit from this technology.

What is Abstractive Summarisation?

Hundreds of years ago, if you wanted to learn about a subject, you read a large leather-bound book or took on an apprenticeship. Knowledge was for the few, not the many, and it wasn’t easily obtained. In the digital age, the entire works of man are just a query and click away, and most of it has been condensed into easily consumable videos, slideshows, and texts.

The modern world moves at a tremendous pace. People don’t have time to read epic tomes and watch hour-long videos.

That’s where abstractive summarisation comes in.

Abstractive summarisation technology cherry-picks the most relevant points from a data set and creates an easily digestible summary. Most texts can all be summarised in this manner, allowing you to consume huge amounts of data without expending equally large amounts of your time.

This unique form of summarisation uses natural language processing to generate text that didn’t appear in the original content. In other words, while extraction-based summarisation methods take pieces of the source material and reuse them verbatim, abstractive summarisation creates its own unique summary.

It’s paraphrasing, as opposed to simply copying, and it creates a summary that is succinct and easy to understand.

How Can You Benefit from Abstractive Summarisation?

There are many ways that companies can benefit from automated text generation solutions. If you use content to monitor trends, acquire customers, or market your products and services, abstractive summarisation services can help.

Here are a few of the ways that these services can be used:

1. Media and Trend Monitoring

Every single day, over 7.5 million blog posts are published on blogging platforms and personal websites. It’s an extraordinary amount of content, and if you’re looking for the latest must-read stories and trends, it makes for a pretty overwhelming experience.

Abstractive summarisation can help with this. What’s more, as it uses natural language generation, the summaries are natural and easy to read, as opposed to simply listing a few awkwardly worded highlights.

2. Search Engine Marketing

SEO is at the heart of every online business. Whether you’re promoting digital services, selling a product, or growing a personal brand, SEO will play a key role in your marketing plans.

In the distant past, SEO was all about keyword spamming. Search engines gave a lot of weight to the density of keywords and keyword domains, and even when that era faded away, there was still a disproportionate focus on easily targeted words and phrases.

These days, the quality and relevancy of content is the most important consideration. By using abstractive summarisation, you can understand what your competitors are doing and what’s working for them. Once you have that data, you can work on improving your own rankings.

3. Content Marketing

One of the many tricks employed by content marketers is to create a large piece of content, such as a blog post or guide, and then break it up into many smaller pieces. These segments can then be posted to blogging platforms, shared on social media, and even added to videos and images for more eye-catching content.

Creating those snippets can be a challenge, and if you’re just spending hours writing a guide, the last thing you want to do is copy, paste, paraphrase, and edit your way toward dozens or hundreds of additional posts.

With abstractive summarisation, you don’t need to. It can summarise your long-form content and create shareable segments for sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

You can even use automated text generation to create video scripts. Just summarise your longer content and then give those summaries to a writer or editor who can draft them into scripts for YouTube, TikTok, or your website.

4. In-House Meetings

How many virtual meetings do you attend every week? How many hours do you spend talking about things that could have been expressed just as easily in an email? You’re not alone, as it’s an issue plaguing many companies that work in the digital space.

If you use voice-to-text programs to transcribe those meetings, abstractive summarisation technology can then highlight the key points. These highlights can be passed around to everyone in your organisation and used as a reference for future work. It means you don’t need to repeat meetings just because a staff member wasn’t there the first time or needs clarification on some of the points you discussed.

5. Financial Decisions

Your financial decisions may be heavily influenced by the markets, which means you need to stay up to date with the latest financial news. Summarisation can make this news more manageable, ensuring you’re not dealing with a wall of noise. It can also summarise earnings reports and other relevant data from inside the company, picking up on the most pertinent points that you may have otherwise missed.

Summary: Abstractive Summarisation and Other Game-Changing Data Solutions

Identrics abstractive summarisation is optimised by fact-checking algorithms, which act as a means of quality control before the summaries are delivered to our clients. It ensures that the results are accurate, as well as helpful and easy to understand.

Our model is able to produce short, data-driven summaries that cover all of the key points in the original text, without losing any important data.

Abstractive summarisation is just one of the solutions offered by Identrics. We create solutions that are geared toward making your life easier and your business operations smoother. Our technological services make it easier to find, digest, organise, and create content, ensuring your business is ready for the modern content-hungry marketplace.For more information on what we can do for you, arrange a demo today.